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Who We Are

About Us

Capital Synergy Partners®  is a full service broker dealer and registered investment advisor built by successful Life Insurance professionals and financial advisors to enhance the practices of established, independent, like-minded professionals. Our financial advisors are independent, professional business owners focused on helping their clients achieve their financial and life goals.

The culture of creating strategic partnerships to harness the powerful synergy of the group enhances the success of all the members and is the driving force behind Capital Synergy Partners. The combination of the insurance and investment disciplines enables us to fully serve the needs of our clients. By avoiding the conflict of interest and hidden agendas inherent in proprietary products or product quotas we empower our advisors to be client driven, not product driven.

What We Offer

Investment Flexibility with Advanced Technology

Through our affiliation with RBC Clearing and Custody, our advisors and their clients have access to tech, products and services that allow investment flexibility.

  • Investment Access® Account, providing unlimited check writing; a Visa Gold® Debit Card; electronic access for direct deposits, withdrawals and systematic investments; and convenient borrowing through marginable securities.
  • Fee-based options providing access to professional money managers; mutual fund investments in one easy-to-manage account; and an account that can contain stocks, mutual funds and other investments.
  • Retirement plan accounts ranging from individual plans (traditional and Roth IRAs) to business retirement plans, such as 401(k) and SIMPLE plans.
  • Fixed-income products, including government, municipal, corporate and mortgaged-backed securities.
  • Thousands of mutual funds from the country’s most prominent mutual fund families.
  • Comprehensive account statements with easy-to-read trade confirmations. 
  • Online, 24/7 access to client accounts providing brokerage information, a daily market summary, company and mutual fund profiles, headline news, “most actives” on the market, quick charts, quotes — all the things needed to keep today’s investor up-to-date.

Our Mission

Capital Synergy Partners is dedicated to building and strengthening the independent practices of established life insurance and financial planning professionals, enabling them to secure and manage the assets of high net worth clients.

Our Vision

A national coalition of experienced, independent life insurance professionals with comprehensive investment service capabilities to completely serve the financial needs of high net worth clients and closely held businesses.

Our Core Values – The Pillars of Our Success

The professional respect and the trust we’ve earned is a reflection of our code of conduct.

Our business is based on our dedication to building and growing relationships for mutual success.

Our goal is excellence; we strive to surpass expectations in every aspect of our business.

Our inspiration and rewards come from helping our financial advisors focus on creating success—for their clients and for themselves.

 * Please contact your Financial Advisor for further information about each of the products offered. Investments should not be made without reading the full disclosure on each product.

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Who We Are




2860 Michelle Drive, Suite 150
Irvine, CA 92606

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